Evgeny Chernonog
Evgeny is formerly from Magadan, Russian Far East where he was well-known for his performance on stage, radio and television. Evgeny and his family relocated to Anchorage, Alaska in 1998.
“His captivating style – often energetic, sometimes deeply reflective – evokes the Russian soul and surprises listeners with fresh interpretations of familiar jazz standards”, wrote the Daily News – Miner, Fairbanks in 1996.
Classically trained in the traditional Russian music school system, he was mesmerized in his youth by jazz performances he heard on the radio programs of Voice of America.
Chernonog is a graduate of Khabarovsk Institute of Fine Arts and Culture. He served numerous years as a methodologist for the Music Society of Russia producing music history lecture series for the schools in Siberian cities. Evgeny has also been on the piano faculty of Anchorage Festival of Music’s Summer Conservatory Program, and was named a Steinway Artist in 1999.
Evgeny is passionate about fishing and, likely, he is the best musician amongst fishermen and the best fisherman amongst musicians. :-)